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Careers advice > Job application forms – what skills to include?

Job application forms – what skills to include?

Application questions

Including a selection of basic job skills on your application form greatly improves your chances of getting an interview.

Take a close look at the list of skills to include below and add in any that are relevant to you.






Transferable skills are separate from this list and should also be included!

And if you need any help working these into your answers, take a look at Application forms - what to write.


Job skills list

Goal setting
Employers want motivation and commitment. Are you ambitious and driven or the type to give up easily?


Communication and people skills
Interacting with people and getting your ideas across is important. Have you got the people skills to get colleagues working effectively with you or to keep your customers happy?


Sticking to policy and procedure
Rules can be really important to the smooth running of a business, especially in larger companies. Are you able to stick to them? Can you challenge it when appropriate?


If you're working with junior colleagues it's important you take a role in fostering their career development. Can you lead teams and what personal skills help you to do so? What's your management style?


Companies have to be responsive to many factors in order keep up with the competition. How do you handle change or how might you ensure others adapt effectively?


There will be many work-based situations where you disagree with a colleague. How do you get your point across and respond to people with conflicting opinions?


Decisiveness and judgment
You'll often encounter situations at work where difficult decisions need to be taken in order for progress to be made. Do you have the confidence and skill to do so?


Employers want individuals who are resourceful and can work without the need for detailed instructions.


Organisational and planning skills
Employers are looking for high productivity. Can you organise your workload so that tasks are done well and on time?


Problem solving
Every day we come across obstacles of varying scales. How do you approach problems and implement solutions?


This isn't about whether you've mastered oil painting. Businesses need people with ideas who can contribute to a progressive vision.


Risk taking
Risk taking is important in business as the rewards can be high. Employers want confident individuals who can calculate risk and reward and proceed accordingly.


Performing well under stressful situations is important for many roles. Can you keep a clear head and think on your feet?


Employees who go above and beyond their day to day tasks are gold dust. An employer wants individuals who can use their initiative and come up with ideas they might not think of.


Very few professions require individuals to work in isolation. It's important you can work towards a common goal with a team of colleagues as well as contribute on an individual level.


Think about your personal qualities and the role you're applying for - which of these skills are most relevant?

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