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Careers advice > Job interview mistakes: funny, sad and just plain bad

Job interview mistakes: funny, sad and just plain bad


Cringe! We all dread job interviews. We worry about whether we’ll be able to answer all of the questions, whether they will like us, what to wear – the list is endless.

But hey ho, if you’re stressed about an upcoming job interview just be grateful that you’re not one of these people...




Ladies' shoes are just not comfy. And sometimes we like to wear trainers on the way to somewhere smart, slipping on high heels discretely outside. Only, when going to a job interview DON'T forget to change...

Tamsin Jones went to an interview in a neat suit, was confident and quite happily chatting away before looking down and realising her dirty white trainers were still attached to her feet! Despite not following our job interview clothes advice she got the job! Remember, never panic!

One of our recruiters told us a story about one of his interviewees who entered the interview room with a Big Mac… And then started to eat it, explaining that they hadn’t had time to grab lunch. Surely a grumbling belly is better? And no, he most definitely did NOT get the job.



We’ve all been there with a bad boss, and sometimes it can really affect our state of mind. Just don’t, whatever you do, explain the situation in every little detail and break down into tears. Sound farfetched? It happened! The same goes for stumbling on an interview question and crying over it. Emotional employees are not highly sought after!


Just plain bad…

Micro mini skirts. Great for the nightclub, not so good for a job interview. That’s even worse when you decide that a skin-tight lycra dress is suitable attire. And yes, it does happen! OTT outfits are a big no-no, there are strict rules to dressing for interview - don’t forget them.

One recruiter was faced with a strong candidate for a sales role but with a horrendous sense of style - too tight, too short, too much. She didn't get the job as a result, not because she wasn't good enough, but because presentation was such an important part of the role.

The worst thing you can do in an interview is bad-mouth yourself. Sound mad? It’s all-too easy to do. One girl, when asked how she would describe herself in five words, said: ‘Organised, driven, um, stroppy…’ Hold up. Stroppy? Really? No. Never say you’re stroppy in a job interview!

Finally, you need to actually do the job you’re applying for. One guy applied for an editorial position and was actually offered a second interview, which comprised of a short subbing test. ‘Um, can I do this on a computer? I usually let Word correct my spelling, it’s not a strong point’. Really? For an EDITOR role? Needless to say, the offer of a second interview never materialised.

All you need to do is THINK before you SPEAK! Sounds easier than it is!


At least these guys got an interview in the first place, which is more than we can say for those included on our funny CV mistakes!

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