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“The Sound of Productivity: Analysing attitudes towards music listening in the workplace” (2016) – research conducted by Totaljobs

New report analyses attitudes towards music listening in the workplace.

People listen to music for 36% of their working week: that’s what research carried out by Dr Anneli Haake in 2010 has shown. Based on her PhD research at the University of Sheffield, Totaljobs created “The Sound of Productivity“, a quiz meant to encourage people to discover if music could boost their productivity at work.

Totaljobs is now releasing the data on users’ age, industry and location, collected through a quiz, to provide key insights into employees’ behaviour related to music at work, and how employers can improve staff well-being in the workplace.

Find out more in the report below:

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To view the PDF report in your browser, click the button below:

“The Sound of Productivity” quiz

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