Earn money with Christmas jobs

Christmas can be stressful, and many of us are wary of sticking purchases on credit nowadays and would rather spend within our means – and that’s where Christmas jobs can help.

Whether you’re between jobs and looking for a stop-gap, looking for a part-time job or even if you’re a stay-at-home parent looking to fit a temporary job around your family life, a Christmas job could be the answer.


Flexible hours

The best part about most seasonal jobs is they usually offer shift work in industries like retail, logistics and delivery, so you can fit them around the demands of your life. Although some of the Christmas jobs on totaljobs.com are full time, there are also lots of part time jobs available that allow you to earn extra money without having to do too many hours. Take a look through what we currently have on offer and see what best suits you.

Good rates of pay

Many large companies – from the Big 4 supermarkets through to restaurant groups and courier businesses – offer better rates of pay than minimum wage, and some of them offer considerably more. You can end up earning a nice amount of extra money in a relatively short amount of time and then there’s sometimes the option of overtime and bonuses. If you’re able to work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day then there may also be time and half or double time pay incentives.

Big companies

There are a large number of big companies currently looking for seasonal staff and you can really benefit from having a big brand or retailer mentioned on your CV – even if it is just for a temporary seasonal job. Many employers are impressed if they can see that you’ve thrived within a successful and competitive business and this could give your career a boost in the future.

Varied roles

The best thing about Christmas jobs is the huge variety of roles on offer. Whatever your skills and experience, there is a seasonal job that you could be well suited to. The most common Christmas jobs that we have here on totaljobs.com are:

Customer service jobs
Logistics and transport jobs
Retail jobs
Sales jobs
Warehouse jobs

However, you could also end up working as Santa or even one of his little helpers. Seriously!


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