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5 ways to stay motivated in your job search


When the alarm goes off at 7am on a Monday morning, do you find yourself pressing the snooze button? Join the club! Thousands of workers across the UK are demotivated thanks to spending cuts and inflation.

And it’s not only workers struggling at the moment, jobseekers are also feeling down about their prospects. So we’ve put together some tips for staying motivated when looking for a new job…  

1. Get real!

Nothing makes you more unmotivated than feeling like a failure. So whether you’re currently in work and desperately searching for a new job or are unemployed and keen to get back on the career ladder then make sure your job search is realistic.

Take a look at what salary you should be aiming for with our salary checker and see how many jobs are available in your field with the job search. It may take a few months – or indeed longer – for you to find work and require a number of applications and interviews before getting a new job. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

2. Reward time

Fired off three CVs this morning? Had a call back for an interview? Celebrate! If you’re short on cash then a reward can be something as little as heading out for a coffee, taking a walk in the sun in the park, even popping out for a quick pint at the pub with a friend. Whatever helps you to chill out.

3. Keep it in perspective

Disheartened by all of the bad headlines? We don’t blame you! The important thing to remember is newspapers love bad news – it sells, after all. But there is good news out there for jobseekers… Skills gaps in industries like engineering and IT mean there are more jobs than candidates, green jobs are opening up new opportunities and there’s a current boom in temping and contract jobs… And that’s just for starters!

4. All work and no play...

...Makes Jack a dull boy! To avoid becoming a Billy no mates and wearing yourself out, remember to maintain the balance between job hunting and enjoying your life. Take time out with family and friends and make sure you don’t spend hours at a time glued to a computer, looking for work. Nothing will sap your motivation quicker. Create realistic schedules with breaks – and stick to it!

5. Think positive

What’s the point, I’ll never get it? Why bother, there are too many people looking for work? What a waste of time applying for those jobs is. These are all thoughts that naturally enter all of our heads when struggling to find a new job. Stop! This will only make you feel unmotivated and hinder your job hunt. Look at every knockback as practice, particularly true of interviews, and don’t let that little niggling devil on your shoulder convince you that you can’t get ahead.

Follow our tips and you may not welcome the tones of your alarm clock but you won’t want to hide under the duvet for the entire day.

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