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Create a professional Facebook page with Totaljobs and BranchOut

Totaljobs and BranchOut

Here at, we try to make it as easy possible for you to land a job. That's why we've teamed up with BranchOut, the biggest professional network on Facebook.

From now on, whenever you view a job ad on, you'll be able to see people you're connected to who work at that particular company, allowing you to use the full power of Facebook to power your job search...



There's plenty more to BranchOut than finding jobs. Signing up to the service allows you to create a completely professional profile on Facebook, linked to your main account. After all, 76% of employers check candidates' Facebook profiles during the recruitment process, so it makes perfect sense to have a profile to show them that's far away from THOSE awkward party pics! You know you have them!


Using BranchOut to find a job on

Finding connections at companies advertising on is incredibly easy. Here's how to do it:


Find the right job with Totaljobs and BranchOut 

1. Sign up on BranchOut

First of all, you'll need to create a BranchOut account. Once you've logged in to Facebook, BranchOut will carefully pick out your employment and education history from your Facebook details and piece together a basic profile.


Find the right job with Totaljobs and BranchOut


2. Tweak your profile and get social

Now you should check through your BranchOut profile details and add any information you feel is important for employers. This is also a good time to start adding people to your BranchOut network; after all, the more Facebook friends you have who use BranchOut, the more helpful the service will be for you!


Find the right job with Totaljobs and BranchOut


3. Search for jobs

Now, back on, search for a job as you would normally do...


Find the right job with Totaljobs and BranchOut


4. Find connections

Clicking on any job ad will show you people who have signed up to BranchOut who work for (or have worked for) the company involved. If you're not logged in, you'll be presented with a 'See who works here' box. Just log in on the pop-up window and you'll see a list of profile pictures the BranchOut users at that company.


 Totaljobs and BranchOut


5. See all connections

You'll also see a 'See all connections' link, which takes you to a BranchOut page showing everyone who uses BranchOut at the company. Notice here that you can 'Send a message' to anyone you're friends with on Facebook, but you can only ask for an introduction to anyone who isn't. This way, you can build up your network, and also leverage your existing contacts to get your foot in the door.


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