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If you’re not a British national but are thinking of coming to the UK to find work then you need to make sure you’re eligible first before you start packing your bags as tough measures are in place.

But if you have a skill – or you fit one of the UK’s eligibility criteria – then getting a work permit should be much easier.  Not sure if you’re eligible? Read our different guides to see if you fit the criteria…

Tier 1 - highly skilled

This is for ‘high value’ migrants including investors, entrepreneurs and recent graduates from UK universities. You don't need a job offer, you just need to pass a points-based assessment.

Do you qualify as a Tier 1 worker?


Tier 2 - skilled

Open to skilled workers who have been offered jobs in the UK.

Do you qualify as a Tier 2 worker?


Tier 3 - temporary low-skilled

This is for people immigrating to the UK for temporary low skilled work.

Do you qualify as a Tier 3 worker?


Tier 4 - students

This tier is for students coming to UK universities for study and includes a set number of hours that you’re allowed to work.

Do you qualify as a Tier 4 worker?


Tier 5 - temporary

This is for temporary workers if an employer in the UK is willing to sponsor you.

Do you qualify as a Tier 5 worker?


Bulgarian and Romanian nationals

UK employers can hire workers from Bulgaria and Romania to fill positions across a range of different circumstances.

Do you qualify as a Bulgarian or Romanian worker?


UK ancestry, European citizens and other migrants

If you’ve not fit any of these classifications then don’t worry, there are plenty more opportunities to work in the UK.  People with UK ancestry, for example, can apply, as can European citizens.

A guide to other migrant classifications


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