Briefcase in interview

The end of the interview… You have answered all of the difficult interview questions, chatted happily to the interviewer and you’re feeling on top of the world. Then they ask 'do you have any questions for me?'

Saying no to this could be a sour note at the end of a great interview and make you look uninterested… Prepare a few questions in advance and avoid this awkward moment!

Don’t ask what you REALLY want to know

That’s salary, holidays and perks. These are all things you can talk about after a job offer has been made and you’re able to negotiate. Instead, the best candidates pull out a pad with a few questions listed and then ask three or four… 


I’m very interested in this job and think I’d be successful here. Do you think I’m a good fit for the role?

Good question! This shows you’re confident enough to ask because you believe you ARE good enough for the job. It also makes the interviewer consider it straight away and if they say yes, that's an impression that will stick in their mind!


If I was offered the job, what preparation could I do?

You’re motivated and if you got the job you’d be happy to spend time making sure you’re good at it. Eagerness is great and the interviewer should be impressed by your willingness to prepare before you even start.


What do you particularly enjoy about working for this company?

This puts you in control and gives the interviewer the chance to sell the company to you. This shows you’re a good candidate and that YOU need to choose THEM as much as they need to choose you!


If I’m successful, can you tell me what is likely to happen in my first week?

Although you shouldn’t ask questions about things like salary or perks, you can ask about the job itself as it shows an interest. If they mention things that you have experience of then reaffirm that when they have finished, saying ‘Excellent, I have experience of XXXXX and XXXXX so that sounds ideal’.


Is support available for people who want to gain extra skills?

Lots of companies offer training if you want it and this question shows you’re a go-getter who wants to do well in role – not just sit back and clock in and out every day.


I’m really impressed with your company and I’m confident I could do a great job. When can I expect to hear back from you?

This shows off that you're confident you’d be good for the job and is a MUST ASK question if you want to follow up on the interview afterwards. Otherwise, you'll be left wondering when you should contact them.


 Seal the deal


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