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Find out what's expected of you in a variety of industries and job types. From sales to travel agents, from teaching assistants to developers, we have all of the information you need to get the inside story on what your next job really involves.

Admin jobs homepage

Administration job descriptions

Administration jobs are absolutely vital in a many companies, providing valuable help throughout the organisation. A big bonus is that many administration jobs don't require a degree to break into. Even better, many senior admin roles pay very well, so the rewards are there if you work hard.

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Catering jobs home page

Catering and hospitality job descriptions

The catering and hospitality industry continues to grow, despite the recession, and the clamour for qualified chefs and hotel managers is bigger than ever. So, whether you're looking to get your first sous chef or waiter job, or want the lowdown on your next career move, our job descriptions have what you need.

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Civil service homepage

Civil service job descriptions

Civil service employees are employed by the government to help implement their policies and laws. As a result, you'll often work in areas that highly affect people’s everyday life, including health and education. Find out more about the civil service and some of the exciting jobs you can do.

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Food retail job description

Customer services job descriptions

Any company that deals with the public needs a customer services department, who answer people's queries and generally help them to address any problems they're having. So, no matter what industry you want to work in, customer services has a role for you.

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Driving jobs home page

Driving and logistics job descriptions

Whether you long for the open road or are simply looking for a job that involves getting goods from a factory to the customer, driving and logistics offers a variety of careers. Check out our job descriptions for all the details you need.

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Education jobs home page

Education job descriptions

One of the biggest and most important sectors in the UK, jobs in education involve everything from teaching assistant to curator and librarian. If you're looking for a career where you can actively help people to learn, then our education job descriptions are just what you need to get started.

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Executive job descriptions

Executive job descriptions

When you're ready to move up in your career, it can be difficult to know which job to do next. These executive and managerial job descriptions explain the daily duties of senior roles and the skills and experience you'll need to land the job.

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Finance jobs homepage

Finance industry job descriptions

The banking industry hasn't had the best PR in recent years, but the world of finance offers a wealth of different opportunities for people who are good with numbers. From stockbrokers to bank managers, there are still plenty of jobs available, and our job descriptions give you the lowdown.

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Health and beauty home page

Health and beauty industry job descriptions

The health and beauty industry continues to grow, as more and more people take to the gym and generally try to look their very best. So, whether you want to know how to get into beauty therapy or hairdressing, or want to know how to put your PE learning to use as a fitness instructor, then here's what you need.

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HR jobs home page

HR industry job descriptions

Every company requires an HR department to look after its staff and make sure that people are being treated fairly. The great news is that entry-level positions don't require huge amounts of qualifications and there's plenty of scope for promotion. Check out the job descriptions for the role that's right for you.

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Insurance jobs home page

Insurance industry job descriptions

As a result, the insurance industry is a huge one, full of different jobs - from sales to settlements - to handle the demand from both individuals and businesses. We take a look at some of the jobs a career in insurance can offer you.

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IT jobs home page

IT industry job descriptions

Whether you're delivering desk support to office staff or coding sites and programs using the latest technology, there is a raft of options available to anyone hoping to break into the IT industry. Our job descriptions will show you what you need to break into this vibrant industry.

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Legal jobs home page

Legal industry job descriptions

For people prepared to put in the years of study, careers in the legal industry are some of the most financially rewarding in the country. Check out what you need to become a lawyer or even a legal secretary with our essential job descriptions.

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Marketing jobs homepage

Marketing, advertising and PR job descriptions

For the more creative out there, a career in marketing, advertising or PR allows you to help companies push their message out there to potential customers. From event mangement to PR, from brand management to overseeing campaign accounts, there are loads of opportunities out there.

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Media jobs home page

Media industry job descriptions

Careers in the media are some of the most highly-contested around, with entry-level jobs often attracting hundreds of applications. Whether you're looking to get into print, online, TV or design, or media job descriptions will help give you the edge over your competitors.

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Medical jobs home page

Medical industry job descriptions

If helping people is your passion, and you don't mind a few years of study, then a career in the medical industry beckons for you. Check out our job descriptions to see what you need to become a doctor, nurse or one of many hugely vital medical jobs.

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Public sector jobs home page

Public sector industry job descriptions

The public sector is a huge employer with jobs covering everything from firefighters and the police through to civil servants. We take a look at some of the jobs you can do within the public sector at the moment.

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Retail jobs home page

Retail industry job descriptions

There are lots of different jobs that you can do in retail, from junior customer service roles right up to area manager, responsible for several key stores. Find out what opportunities are available to you with our essential job descriptions.

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Sales jobs home page

Sales industry job descriptions

If you're confident and persuasive, a career in sales is ideal for you. Offering bonuses to talented workers who can convince people to part with their cash, sales jobs offer great chances at entry level and also give you fantastic opportunities for career progression.

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science jobs home page

Science and engineering industry job descriptions

Science and engineering jobs play a vital part in most of the technologies we rely on every day. If you have a scientific bent, then check out our job descriptions to see how you could become a research scientist or electrical engineer, as well as a host of other jobs.

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HR job

Social work industry job descriptions

Social work is an incredibly rewarding career for those looking to give something back to society. If you’re forever putting other people first then check out our job descriptions to see if you have what it takes to make it in social work.

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Trade jobs home page

Trade industry job descriptions

We rely on them every day, but how do you actually become a plumber, electrician, builder or gardener? Our job descriptions give you the inside story.

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Travel and leisure job descriptions

Travel and leisure industry job descriptions

Working in the travel and leisure industry isn’t quite as relaxing as it sounds. You’ll work hard but, chances are, you’ll love every minute. Find out if you have the right personality and qualifications to get a job within the travel industry with our job descriptions.

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