HR job descriptions

They may sit behind the scenes, but without human resources (or HR for short, many companies would simply fall apart. Keeping employees happy and organised, every business needs HR staff to keep everything ticking over.

With plenty of jobs to choose from, it's never been a better time to consider a career in HR.


So, what HR job can I do?

If you’re incredibly organised, a pro at multi-tasking and always find the time to organise everyone else’s lives as well as your own, then a HR job is perfect for you.

But with so many roles available ranging from general admin to management, it can be different to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you with an in-depth look at some popular HR jobs.


HR administrator

If there’s any work-related enquiries, HR administrators are usually the first person to be called (no pressure there). Expect everything from “I haven’t been paid” to “the stationary cupboard has run out of pens.”

HR administrator job description


HR advisors

A big part of HR is advising employees, from junior positions right up to the big bosses in management.

Some advisor roles even help shape the future of the company. This can be anything from helping recruitment agencies find suitable newbies to developing company policies. Basically, you’re a vital role within any company.

HR advisor job description

HR consultant job description

HR officer job description


Entry level HR

So you’re interested in HR, but haven’t got the right qualifications or experience? Don’t panic, you just need to take on a junior role first. These entry-level jobs will teach you the skills you need to be a HR success.

HR assistant job description

HR trainee job description


HR managers

If you’re already working in HR and are looking for some more responsibility (and a bigger salary), then it’s time to look at management jobs.

There’s a range of HR management positions to choose from, and even though each of them have different responsibilities, most of the work centres on looking after the staff. From ensuring employees are fully trained to sorting out their work benefits and finding solutions for health and safety issues, HR management looks after it all.

Compensation benefits manager job description

HR director job description 

Training and development manager job description


Like the look of these jobs? Apply for one today!

HR administrator jobs

HR consultant jobs

HR advisor jobs

HR officer jobs

HR assistant jobs

HR trainee jobs

Compensation benefits manager jobs

Training and development manager jobs

HR director jobs

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