Customer services job descriptions

If you’re a complete chatterbox, sometimes it can be difficult to find a job that doesn’t tell you off for constantly nattering. But in customer services it’s a trait that’s actively encouraged (as long as you’re talking to customers not colleagues).

If you’re passionate about helping people and fancy a job that’s full of job satisfaction, then you need to find a career in customer services.



So, what customer service job can I do?

Advising and guiding people is part of your job description, whether it’s over the phone, via email or the more traditional face-to-face.

With so many industries relying on customer service jobs, there’s a range of sectors to choose from, so how do you pick the one which will suit your skills and interests?

We’ve got the low-down on some popular customer service roles.


Customer advisor

When anyone is feeling lost, confused or generally a little bit bewildered about something, chances are they’ll ask for advice, so it’s no great surprise to learn customer advisors play an important role in customer services.

Dealing with customer queries and questions (as well as the odd complaint), they resolve any issues or suggest suitable alternatives, and all with a smile.

Customer advisor job description


Customer service assistant

As a customer service assistant, it's down to YOU to make sure the customer leaves with a good impression of the company you work for. No pressure, then!

Making sure every customer who comes through the door leaves happy, this entry level job won't require you to have lots of qualifications, just a friendly personality.

Customer service assistant job description


Customer service manager

If you’ve got good leadership skills and know that managing is more than bossing people around, then you need to know about customer service management.

Delegating, supervising and motivating a team, good customer service managers can create happy customers, loyal staff and increasing profits.

Customer service manager job description


Customer service supervisor

If you’ve been working in customer services for awhile, you may be starting to look for more responsibilities and a role that’s more senior than junior.

So if you’re looking to gradually move into management, a good starting point is becoming a customer service supervisor.

Customer service supervisor job description


Team leader

Customer service teams won’t always be perfect. From colleague spats and bad attitudes to lazy staff that can never turn up on time, these issues need resolving in order for any company to be a success.

Team leaders are there to step in and keep everyone movitated, happy and working hard.

Team leader job description

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