Investment banker

Boo, hiss. If you believe the media then the unfortunate global economic crisis is almost entirely down to bankers. Investment bankers at that. These are the guys who make money for the banks and who analyse markets and offer investment advice. Yes, there are big – big – bucks to be made but boy will you be working hard to get it…



So, what will I actually be doing?

Investment bankers make money for the big global banks by selling stock or seeking out venture capital (lending money to people or businesses and gaining part-ownership in the process). They also decide when to sell the bank’s stakes in various businesses. Confused already? Then this is definitely not the job for you!

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The finer details...

Trying to list a day in the life of an investment banker is like trying to guess what the weather is going to be like in two month’s time. This is a job where you’ll need to roll with the punches and find investment opportunities wherever you can.

What you will need to do is stay on top of any global trends that may affect your investment decisions. This could be anything from social media to farming stocks and a million things in between. You need to be the expert voice guiding your bank into profit.

Money, money, money

It’s all worth it when it comes to salary. Starting salaries for investment bankers range between £30,000 - £50,000. That’s a STARTING salary and doesn’t even take into account bonuses.

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The good points...

Cha-ching! Money, baby! This is one of the highest paid jobs there are and when you groan at another year of multi-million pound bonuses in the banking sector it’s usually these guys who are getting the lion’s share.

...and the bad

Investment bankers work insanely hard. Insanely. Hard. You will rarely switch off from work as the global nature of most investment banking roles means you need to make phone calls across the globe as the time zones move. Be ready, working less than a 70 hour week is rare.

Is there study involved?

You have to have a (very) good numerical degree to even stand a chance of getting into one of the highly sought after training courses for investment bankers at the UK’s biggest financial institutions. You’ll then study for additional qualifications on the job.

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OK, I'm interested... But is it really the job for me?

How do you handle stress and little sleep? Can you imagine yourself with multi-million pound deals sitting on your delicate shoulders? Are you comfortable negotiating as THE expert? These are all things that you need to do – and do well – to succeed as an investment banker. And you have to be ready to take the hit if it all goes horribly wrong…


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