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Character reference template – example personal reference

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If you’ve been asked to give someone a personal reference then you need to make sure you don’t land yourself in legal trouble. If you want to say anything negative then it’s best to simply refuse to give the reference.

If, however, you think that the person who has requested a reference IS a good choice for the job, it’s important you give the right impression.



We’ve done the hard work for you with our character reference template


Dear sir/madam [use their name if you have it]

I can confirm that I have known [name of person you’re refereeing for] for [how long].

[Explain how you know them] E.g. I have worked with [XXXX] in the past and found them to be a very hard-working colleague. (s)he is highly organised, has great communication skills and I have always been very impressed with the way that (s)he has approached work.

I highly recommend [name] for any job in your company and I’m sure that (s)he will do a great job. (s)he would be a great asset for any business.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me for more details.

Yours faithfully [sincerely if you addressed them by name]

[Your name]


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