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Congratulations, you got the job! But that’s just the beginning of the story. There are lots of challenges ahead, from bad bosses to making sure you do the best job you possibly can. Check out our guide to making sure your life at work is rosy.

Flexible working

Flexible working advice

We've got everything you need to know about flexible working, from setting up a home office at the start of your career to planning your retirement when it’s all over.

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Is your career on the right track

Is your career on the right track?

It’s a big, and brave, decision to change jobs or careers, so before you make that big step, have a think about whether it’s what you really want. The following questions should help.

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How to resign

The best way to resign

Want to resign from your job? We explain the best way to hand in your resignation with style!

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Bullying FAQ

How to handle bullying in the workplace

Bullying at work can be a tricky area to navigate. If you or a colleague are unlucky enough to become a victim of bullying we hope this advice will help.

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Choose a job that makes you happy

Choose a job that makes you happy

Recent research showed that a bad job can be worse for your mental health than having no job at all. So make sure you're looking at the following 'happiness factors' to ensure complete job satisfaction.

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Commuting: how far is too far?

with the UK getting ever smaller thanks to improvements in transport links, will the compromise between where you live and where you work soon be a thing of the past?

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Guide to appraisals

A guide to appraisals

The prospect of an appraisal might seem scary, but if you prepare well and read this guide, you’ll realize they’re not so bad after all and can actually benefit your career.

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how to get promoted

How to get a promotion

You’re ready for that next step up the career ladder, but for some reason your boss hasn’t cornered you with the offer of a glamorous job title. We bring you a guide to getting promoted at work.

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How to change your hours

How to change your working hours

Looking to change your working hours at your part time job? This guide explains the different steps you can take and what to do if the boss says no.

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How to manage your time

How to manage your time

Looking for ways to manage your time more effectively? Our easy guide shows you how to get more out of your day.

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Make the most of HR

Make the most of your HR department

HR can offer you support in your job, help you to climb the career ladder and keep you happy and productive at work.

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Mastering communication

Mastering communication skills

We show you how to handle emails, presentations and even a chat around the water cooler with some all-important do’s and don’ts.

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Guide to networking

A guide to smart networking

Networking is one of the most powerful things you can do to fast-forward your career. This guide shows you how...

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Summer workwear advice

Summer workwear advice

Staying professional and smart while remaining cool can be a tricky dilemma. We show you how to get the best of both worlds in a heatwave.

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How to deal with stress at work

Dealing with stress at work

We all feel a bit stressed from time-to-time, but when it gets too much it can make your working life unbearable. We show you how to avoid reaching that point.

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How to budget

How to: budget better

The squeeze is on. In July 2011, inflation increased by a wallet-busting 4.4%, so what are we to do? If you don’t want a new job, the only alternative is to budget. We show you how...

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Getting over the holiday blues

Getting over the holiday blues

We all feel a bit blue after a holiday. As soon as the alarm clock goes off, we're straight back down to earth with a bump. We show you how to get over the holiday blues.

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Redundancy tips

Redundancy: an emotional rollercoaster

Redundancy can be a very emotional experience. We go beyond legalities and look at the personal side of being made redundant.

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Horrible bosses

How to handle horrible bosses

We take a look at how you can deal with the three main types of Horrible Boss.

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How to make your boss like you

5 ways to make your boss love you

Want to create the right impression at work and stay on side with your boss? We show you how.

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5 signs to look for a new job

5 signs that it's time to look for a new job

From a monster boss to boredom burnout, find out why you should be looking elsewhere...

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Image:Woman handing over company car keys

Know your work perks

Find out what benefits and bonuses are commonly available so you can negotiate the best deal.

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Boost your internal profile

How to boost your internal profile

If you want more money and career progression, it's important to boost your internal profile and show your colleagues how amazing you are. Here's how to do this...

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brutal boss

How to deal with a brutal boss

If your boss is making your life at work hell, find out what you can do about it.

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Image: Construction worker sleeping

4 ways to handle the office slacker

Advice on how to handle one of the worst work irritants: the lazy colleague.

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Get a job in your current company

Get a new job in your current company

Your next career move doesn’t have to take you very far - there may be opportunities in your current company.

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How to get a good idea bought

How to get a good idea bought

Got a good idea? Here's how to persuade the business to get on board.

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how to get a pay rise

The totaljobs guide to getting a pay rise

If you think you deserve a higher salary, the totaljobs guide to getting a pay rise can help.

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Have a good first day

How to have a good first day

Make a good impression on your first day with these five easy steps..

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Image: adult talks to a student

Growing Ambitions volunteer scheme

If you have a career you enjoy then why not inspire young people to find jobs they'll love too?

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Careers advice from the horse's mouth

The smartest way to learn is through other people's experience. So find a mentor on horsesmouth.co.uk.

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How to be organised

The secrets of being super organised

Super achievers are also super organised. Learn how to be more productive at work from the experts.

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Close-up of a businessman clutching briefcase tightly

How to hold onto your job

A survey has revealed workers with certain traits are more likely to be redundancy targets.

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Love your job

How to love your job

26% of employees dread Monday. If this includes you then it's time to take action.

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career crisis

Are you having a mid-life career crisis?

How do you know if your mid-life career crisis requires drastic action or just a fresh perspective?

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Taking time off

Why you need time off

Make sure you're managing your work/life balance and taking the holiday you're entitled to.

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Social media at work

Social media at work no-nos!

Social media is great but it's essential that you’re aware of your online fingerprint to avoid not getting – or even losing – your job...

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Image: Woman photocopying

How to survive taking on a more junior role

While taking a step backwards can be disheartening, there are ways to make it work for you.

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Test your personality

Test your personality and find the right career

There are some fantastic testing tools that will reveal your personality type, your strengths and weaknesses and, ultimately, your suitability to the job you want. Read on to see a selection of our favourites...

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Image: bored man at a computer

Is it time to quit your job?

Recognise the signs it's time to find a new job and revive your work life.

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Understanding the bigger picture

Understanding the bigger picture

For more job satisfaction and a fast-track to promotion, it's important you know more than just your own job.

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