Social media at work

The age of social media has brought with it many wonderful things, h owever, it's important to remember that by posting your photos and thoughts all over the internet it goes from a bit of banter with your mates to something more serious – a potential barrier to your career.

It is essential that you’re aware of your online fingerprint to avoid not getting – or even losing – your job.


Be wary

We've all heard stories of how social media has gotten people into serious trouble: there was the 16-year-old girl who used Facebook to describe her new job as 'boring' only to lose said boring job; the woman who was fired after she threw a sickie, saying she had a migraine and couldn’t use a computer, before posting on Facebook all day; and the New Zealand rugby commentator who accidentally revealed market-sensitive information about his company’s viewer figures on Twitter before being axed by his bosses. Ouch.

Never forget that your online fingerprint follows you around and savvy employers will Google potential applicants when hunting through piles of CVs. Perhaps it’s time to delete THAT photo from your Twitter account…

Be aware

The CV. We boast about our successes, talk of our dedication to our professional lives and claim that motivation is a key attribute. Then, on one boring day in the office, you Tweet about how you can’t be bothered to work today and so you and your workmates are playing ‘guess that song’ while your boss is in meetings. Or you explain to your followers exactly how ‘off your face’ you were at the weekend. Yup, funny to your mates, not to your potential employer.

Be smart

So, before you embark on your job hunt, Google yourself (for research purposes only) and see what information and imagery is freely available on the World Wide Web. Then tighten up your privacy settings to ensure nobody can see what you really get up to in your free time.

You can lock down your Facebook and Tweets and remove blog content if you're applying for jobs and realise there are things you'd rather keep private between you and 500 of your closest online friends. This way, you can make sure that potential employers are less likely to stumble across reasons not to hire you. You certainly don’t need any extra excuses to land yourself in the ‘no’ pile.

Totaljobs makes it easier with BranchOut

We're always trying to make it as easy possible for you to land a job, which is why we've teamed up with the biggest professional network on Facebook, BranchOut. Signing up means you can create a professional profile on Facebook, linked to your main FB account. These days, 76% of employers check candidates' Facebook profiles, so it makes perfect sense to have a profile to show them that's far away from your latest party pics.

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