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Resignation letter: Sample templates and guide

Resignation letter templates

Everyone has different reasons for leaving their job, so it can be difficult to write a resignation letter that reflects your situation. If that wasn’t enough pressure, there’s the knowledge that getting it wrong could lose you a reference and potentially good contacts.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you, and created resignation templates to help take the stress out of leaving your job.

Regular resignation template

Use this template if:

  • You can work your full notice period
  • You’re willing to help out with the transition (e.g. finishing on-going projects, helping train new staff)
  • You want to part on good terms with your employer

This is of the most common types of resignation letter that employers will see. If you can work your full notice, this is the template you need to hand in.

This template tells your employer that you’re leaving, when you’re leaving and politely thanks the company for their time. It’s polite, to the point and shows the company you still appreciate them, just you’re ready to move on.


Download the template now


Short notice resignation template

Use this template if:

  • You want to leave for personal reasons (illness, family etc)
  • You need to start a new job immediately
  • You want to leave earlier than your contract allows

You won’t always be able to work your contracted notice period, especially if you’re expected to give several months’ notice before leaving. In this instance, you need to ask the employer for permission to leave early in your resignation letter.

Download the template now


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