Redundancy  is when an employer reduces their workforce because a job or jobs are no longer needed. However, if you lose your job and they get someone in to fill it that is NOT a redundancy…

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Common reasons for redundancy

There are lots of reasons why you might be made redundant, and they usually aren’t a reflection on your ability to do the job…

  • New technology has made your job unnecessary
  • The job you were hired to do no longer exists
  • Your employer needs to cut costs by reducing staff numbers
  • The business is closing down or moving
  • The business has been bought by another company


Redundancy selections

Who is chosen to be made redundant and why should be clearly explained to you with no prejudiced reasons. There should also be an appeals procedure in place in case you disagree with the decision or think you’ve been unfairly selected.

Your employer may include qualifications and skills as part of their reasons, but it should not be based on these alone. Other reasons include:

  • Attendance record
  • Disciplinary record
  • Skills or experience
  • Standard of work performance
  • Successes at work – or lack of them


Redundancy law

Redundancy law is complicated, the basics include…

If your employer is making more than 20 employees redundancy then they must give you information about the redundancies in writing. Find out what information needs to be included

It’s also important that you ensure that you’ve not been unfairly discriminated against in any way…


Redundancy pay?

If you’re an employee who has worked continuously for an employer for at least two years and you are being made redundant, you have the right to redundancy pay. You’re also eligible if you have a fixed-term contract of two years or more that expires and is not renewed because of redundancy.

Find out how much you’re owed


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