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Handing in your resignation: dos and don'ts

crossed arms up to your boss and handing in your resignation will either be difficult (if you like your boss) or wonderful (if you hate them); however, you need to make sure when handing in your resignation that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot…

Our dos and don’ts of resigning should make it easier.




  • Tell your boss face-to-face. Emailing them a letter or just leaving it on their desk is awkward and dismissive. Be brave and you’ll look better for it.

  • Give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism if you have to, but stick to the facts and keep it relevant to why you’re leaving (e.g. the pay is lower than at the new job, there wasn’t enough training, there’s no room for promotion here).

  • Be prepared: your boss might ask you to stay and offer you more money or a better position. Know how much you're worth!

  • Be helpful. Don’t leave your colleagues in the lurch – hand over your work properly with explanations about how you do things and if there’s anything outstanding that they need to pick up.

  • Remember colleagues could be good contacts for the future… Give them your number/email address/Facebook/Twitter and ask them to stay in touch

  • Choose the people you want a job reference from carefully and tell them on why you think you're suitable for your next job. 



  • Hand in your notice when you are feeling angry. Ever.

  • Focus just on the negative points of your time in your job. EVERY job has some good points.

  • Feel like you have to give reasons for your resignation if you don’t want to.

  • Refuse to work your notice period. If it’s in your employment contract then it’s legally binding

  • Go straight on social media and start slating your old job – not nice and possibly slanderous!

  • Make things awkward for the people left behind. If other people don’t like their jobs don’t boast and make them feel bad.


Last but not least... don't forget to write a great resignation letter with our resignation templates!


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