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Tesco and Waitrose to create 17,000 supermarket jobs

Tesco jobs

For jobseekers looking for supermarket jobs, the job market may be about to pick up with two of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains pledging to create a total of 17,000 new jobs between them over the next year.

We recently talked about the benefits of working in a supermarket  and so this news is happy indeed for everyone from part-time cashiers to chain managers...  


Tesco's pledge

Depending on what newspaper report you read, Tesco’s either doing well during the economic downturn or is struggling to maintain its massive growth. However, whatever the truth, it’s undeniable that this supermarket chain has seen overall group profits rise by 8.8%. So what? Well, it’s this news that has led to the grocery giant announcing a massive expansion plan that, they say, will lead to another 7,000 Tesco jobs this year.

Philip Clarke, chief executive of Tesco, said of the move: "We're very confident that in the medium term and the long term Tesco can continue to grow in the UK. And that will be great for our customers and it will be great for our staff…"


Waitrose's promise

And it’s not just Tesco who are creating new supermarket jobs. Waitrose recently revealed plans to spend a whopping £1 billion on 100 new stores. The best news for you? It will lead to 10,000 new jobs!

The supermarket chain will make the investment over the next three years with 3,000 jobs being created in the hard-hit north of England and Scotland. And it’s not just direct supermarket jobs that will be created. Waitrose will also build a £35 million distribution centre in Chorley, Lancashire, that will open in the autumn 2012 and create 600 warehouse jobs and distribution jobs.

Managing director Mark Price said of the plans: "The new shops we are now planning will mean 10,000 more jobs and £1 billion of additional business going to producers, farmers and growers in the British food industry."


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