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So, you’ve checked out our article Academic jobs to suit you and identified yourself as an academic personality. Well that’s the first step over with. Now is the time to take the luck out of finding your ideal job with our guide to different careers to suit you.

Remember, it’s not luck, it’s



What job?

Academic people are in a good position because there aren’t a lot of people who are able to handle the constant learning and study that most academic jobs require. They usually require a very narrow set of skills that only people with personalities like you tend to have…



It goes without saying that academic people are perfectly suited to a life of teaching whether it’s getting nursery kids excited about reading through to showing university graduates what they can achieve.

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Boo hiss! OK, so politicians aren’t always the most popular people in the world but without them life as we know it would cease to exist. Democracy is built on the backs of our elected politicians and as long as you keep your expense account in good order you can really make a difference. And quite a lot of money.

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Possibly more hated than even politicians, lawyers also pay a massive part in our society – and they get very well paid for doing so. The career prospects are incredible if you’re driven to succeed and intelligent enough… Are you?

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A bit of a change of pace now… Librarians are far from being the old dears who sat quietly in the corner of your public library angrily shushing you whenever you so much as moved. Nowadays they act as important resources for people seeking knowledge. Really.

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Possibly one of the hardest jobs to get into, curators work for museums and get up close and personal to incredibly old and amazing exhibits that the public can only peer at through panes of glass. A privileged position indeed, it’s also one that requires a lot of study and tenacity to break into.

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Research scientist

Yes this is an incredibly broad term for what encompasses a mind-boggling array of subjects across the fields of biology, chemistry and maths but the personality and skills needed to thrive in a science career are essentially the same. You have to be incredibly academically minded and willing to dedicate your life to the pursuit of research.

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