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So, having read Care jobs to suit you have you decided that a future in a caring profession may be for you? Maybe today is the first step on your road to changing career or starting a new one. In today’s job market, people make their own ‘luck’ and you have just taken the first step to doing just that…

Remember, it’s not luck, it’s


What job?

Caring jobs only suit people who are naturally caring themselves. People with the kind of personality that means they put others first. If this is you then there are lots of different caring jobs – all requiring different levels of qualifications and skills – that you can do. Here is our pick…

Social worker

Social work may not be as glamorous as some careers and often social workers are depicted as the enemy. However, they play an incredibly important role in protecting at risk members of the community and it can be a hugely rewarding job.

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Charity worker/fundraiser

Chuggers (‘charity muggers’) may have had a bad rep in the press recently but there’s more to charity work then asking people in the street for money. From the event managers arranging fundraising opportunities to the charity workers who actually go abroad and live in often horrendous conditions to help others, the work is incredibly varied.

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Carer/care assistant

Carers are the ones who actually experience the day-to-day lives of people struggling to lead a normal life, whether it’s due to illness, injury or age. They are the ones to help people to do the every day things we all take for granted like wash, go to the toilet and prepare a meal. A tough job, it takes a special kind of person to thrive as a carer.

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Health worker

Health workers include nurses, doctors and anyone else involved in the health industry, often the NHS. Long hours for little pay, unless you make it into a management role, people tend to get into these roles for philanthropic reasons although the career opportunities are excellent.

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There are lots of opportunities to volunteer as a counsellor for phone lines and drop-in centres, although therapists and psychiatry require a lot of study and qualifications.

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