What job?

We’re not all born with a desire to get THAT job and some of us struggle to work out what career would suit us. People with jobs they enjoy aren’t just lucky, they have just worked out what works for them – and then they’ve gone for it.

Want to know their secret? We show you how.

What job?

What job can I do?

Whether you're a practical person or have a strong academic mind, there's a job for everyone out there. It’s just a case of finding it. Take a look at our guide to working personalities and what job could suit you.

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Find the right job for you

Find the job that's right for you

Confused about what career to apply for? Whether you're looking for your first job or want to completely switch sectors, we've got some simple questions to make the job hunt clearer.

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Brian Cox

Academic personality? Jobs to suit you

Think you’re a bit of an academic? We talk you through your career options and look at what academic jobs can do for you...

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Caring personality

Career in care: jobs to suit you

Think you have a caring personality but don't know what to do with it? Find out for sure with our handy checklist and see where a career in care can take you...

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Mark zuckerberg

Creative jobs to suit you

How can you be sure if you've got a creative personality? More importantly, what creative jobs can you do? All these questions and more are answered here...

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Carol vorderman

Numerical jobs to suit you

If you've got a head for numbers and can do maths in your sleep, you may have a numerical personality. Still unsure? Read our checklist and see where a numerical personality can take you...

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Richard branson

Outgoing jobs to suit you

If people regularly describe you as chatty or outgoing, it's time to find a career to match it; and you'll find a lot of exciting job options if you match the following personality traits…

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Elvis presley

Practical jobs to suit you

Think you might have a practical personality but could do with a handy checklist to make sure? We tell you the traits of being practical and show you the A listers that share your skills...

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Lewis hamilton

Careers in sport

Want to turn your love of sport into a career? We take a look at sporty personalities and must-have traits and show you what jobs you can do.

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Changing your working hours

Top 5 sleep deprived jobs

If you love your sleep and need 18 cups of coffee to keep you awake during an eight hour shift, you may want to steer clear of these sleep deprived jobs!

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Best jobs

The best jobs in the world

Fed up thinking everyone else’s job is more interesting than yours? We've found 10 of the most intriguing careers on the internet.

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Jobs for movie fans

Jobs for... movie fans

If you’re a step above the typical movie fan and constantly bore your friends with useless trivia, why not consider a career in film?

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Jobs for fashionistas

Jobs for... fashionistas

Got a passion for fashion? If you always know what's bang on trend before it even hits the shelves then you're a fashionista that needs to check out these fashion-based jobs...

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Jobs for foodies

Jobs for... foodies

If you know how to turn a simple pie into a culinary masterpiece and you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver, you may want to consider some of these jobs for foodies.

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Jobs for geeks

Jobs for... geeks

Are your dreams full of driving the TARDIS, flying around the world like Superman or reading every comic book ever drawn? Then you really need to check out some of these geeky jobs.

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Jobs for thespians

Jobs for... thespians

Constantly being accused of being over dramatic? It's ok, you're just a thespian. Here are some drama-based jobs you'll love.

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Jobs for night owls

Jobs for... night owls

Enjoy the comfort of your bed in the mornings but can stay awake for an entire night? Night owls, there are jobs out there for you.

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Jobs for early birds

Jobs for... early birds

If you can't stand staying in bed all day and are always up before the sun even rises, you're a true early bird - and we've found just the job for you.

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Jobs for party animals

Jobs for party animals

If you got home at 3am this morning and already have the next night out planned then keep the party going by considering some of these careers...

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Jobs for people that hate people

Jobs for... people that don’t like people

Can't stand other people and want to be left alone to work in peace? Then you need our jobs for people that don't like people...

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