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Looking for a job to suit your personality but not sure where to start? Well, let’s begin here, then! There is no luck involved with finding a job that you love.

By working out what personality type you have and then matching jobs to it, you are far more likely to get a job doing something you actually enjoy.



What is a numerical personality?

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Some people hate maths but you’ve always been able to see exactly why 1+1=2. If you are analytically minded and able to understand anything from statistics to large volumes of data then you are very lucky indeed as some of the UK’s best-paid jobs require an analytical mind and a numerical apititude.

Personality traits

If you can tick more than five of the following points then you have a numerical personality:

  • I love puzzles
  • Maths was my favourite subject at school
  • A large amount of data doesn’t freak me out
  • I’ve always been good at analysing things
  • I wouldn’t mind a 9-5 desk job
  • I would describe myself as academic
  • Numbers are my strongpoint
  • People describe me as a problem solver
  • I’m good at finding a pattern in numbers
  • I’m confident in my numerical abilities

Are you a numerical or an analytical person? No - check out some other work personalities. Yes - read on…

What numerical job?

You may not end up being remembered in thousands of years like Pythagoras or indeed even as rich as Mr Kahn but you can earn a great living from a numerical job or analytical job…

Analytical jobs for numerical people 

Making money from a numerical/analytical personality

OK so creative personalities and sporty personalities tend to steal the spotlight as far as the world of fame goes, but there are lots of examples of numerical people that have gone on to make incredible successes of their lives…

Nedim Soylemez
– He may not be as famous as, say, Brad Pitt but Nedim is a ‘star’ trader for JP Morgan. He was once named in Trader Monthly’s ’30 under 30’ celebrating talent in young traders and has been described by colleagues as: “He has the most raw trading talent Ive ever seen.” And yes, he is a multi – multi – millionaire.

Irving Kahn
– Annoyed that retirement age has gone up? Spare a thought for Irving Kahn who is still trading at the age of 105. Seriously. Kahn is the world’s oldest living investment banker and still reads the Economist and Financial Times every say while reviewing all the transactions of Kahn Brothers Group Inc. And yes, he is incredibly rich.

– OK, OK so a man alive circa 570-495BC is an unusual choice but Pythagoras, although he wasn’t as rich as the above examples of numerical types, has had an entire theorem named after him and is still referred to in classes to this day – and probably cursed at by confused students. He was described as ‘number obsessive’. Responsible for the beginning of maths as we know it. Damn him.

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