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Jobs for... people that don’t like people

Jobs for people that hate people

Sometimes other people can be rather annoying: they chew their food too loudly, shout on mobile phones in public places and ask stupid questions...

If you’re nodding your head in agreement then chances are you’re not a people person. Maybe you need a job where you can be in complete isolation, where you’ll never have to hear the word 'teamwork' again. Bliss.


Being an explorer is the ultimate career for lone wolves as it allows you the chance to be completely and utterly alone. That’s right, there’s no one to slow you down or drive you up and over the wall - how amazing does that sound? Plus, when you DO choose to go to parties, it’s flipping impressive.

Whether you choose to go exploring in freezing cold temperatures or in weathers so hot you look like a lobster within minutes, there won’t be a soul for miles.

Hang on, don’t start packing your suitcase just yet. Before you go, remember to figure out where you want to go and make sure you get any relevant training first. Wait, come back! 


Zoo keeper

If you can’t stand people so why not work with animals? They’re much cuter, don’t ask for much and often smell better.

Working as a zoo keeper, your only colleagues will often be of the furry or cuddly variety, and their inability to talk is sure to put a smile on your face. The only downside? Animals can make a mess... one that you’ll have to clean up. Bring nose pegs.

Not put off? Then you can find out more with our zoo keeper career guide

People hater jobs


Working from home

Work colleagues. Love them or hate them, they do tend to get in the way. The family you can’t choose, you spend more time with these people than anyone else in your life. Fab. There's the slacker who does nothing but make personal calls all day, the boss that turns up an hour late and the work gossip who can be heard spreading rumours across the building...

Working from home not only gives you the perfect excuse to stay in your pyjamas and not shower for days, but it gives you the peace and quiet you need to actually get some work done. At last.


Records Management (aka an archiver)

If you aren’t a people person of the present, why not interact with people of the past by becoming an archiver?

Often found in depths of large libraries surrounded by paperwork or quietly filing away historical information, you won’t see or hear a soul for days if you don’t want to as you put your organisational skills to the test.


If all else fails….

If you can’t beat them, join them

Sometimes to get a job you’ve just got to smile, nod and grit your teeth to stop yourself from shouting, 'Oh please shut up'. Smile and eventually the people around you won’t seem so bad - and if they do, that’s what earplugs are for. If you can't join them, become a lighthouse keeper, that's as far removed from people as any job in this list.


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