#MillionPoundJamie is hired!

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Mission completed.

Totaljobs works hard to get you noticed by employers and to prove it we put £1 million behind Jamie to help find his perfect job.

The interview training, the CV makeover and our advertising campaign worked. Get expert advice and find out how we'll get you noticed too.

Jamie's landed his ideal role at Finery London. Find out what he's doing and what he's learned along the way.

Nice one Jamie. Good Luck!

Jamie's story

Watch the ambitious start, the nail-biting middle and the happy ever after.

The search

Why Jamie? Get a sneak peek into our audition process and find out why Jamie stood out from the other hopefuls.

Meet the contenders

The makeover

The Queen, Princess Diana, Jamie Mudle. That’s right. He’s ready for the lens of celebrity portrait photographer John Swannell.

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The interview

Find out how Jamie and his CV fares across the desk from the toughest interviewer in town; Claude Littner.

Claude’s top 5 interview tips

The family

How did he get here? What job does he want? Does his Mum think this is a good idea?

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It worked!

Watch Jamie’s reaction to seeing his career-ready mug on a tennis court sized billboard.

Find out how we'll get you noticed too

Jamie's journey

How did he deal with the limelight?
How many interviews did he have? What did he learn?

Meet Jamie

How's Jamie?

Jamie's hired!

View the CV that got him the job.

CV highlights:

Interviewed by Claude Littner
Starring in an advertising campaign

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