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5 things you must say in an interview

Get noticed in your next interview with our ultimate preparation guide.

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An interview is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences you can go through. To help you nail it and prepare, we’ve come up with our top 5 things to say in an interview that will get you noticed.

1. You know the company really well

Before an interview, make sure to check out the company website, social media, recent publications or articles, and whatever else you can find out.

During the interview, you can then show that you’ve done your research by talking about your knowledge of the company.

Go in armed with what you have found out about the scope of the company and current events related to it and weave this into your responses to show the interviewer that you understand the company.

2. You have relevant experience

Every interview is going to have a question about your relevant experience. Use this question as your opportunity to prove you can do the job. Talk about relevant things you’ve done and, very importantly, the results of your work.

Explain your success and learnings from a previous project or situation that will mean you can successfully do something else in this job. Prove your worth upfront!

3. You have ambitions and goals

If you know you want to build a career in the company, say so in your interview. The interviewer will want to know you don’t have plans to move on quickly or be a flighty choice. Make sure to also show your positivity for joining.

Excitement demonstrates your optimism. Talk about your willingness to continue learning more about your industry.

Tell them you are constantly reading articles about industry trends and speaking to mentors for advice (and actually do them, don’t just pretend you are!). The interviewer will be keen on your intention to progress.

4. You can work as a team and on your own

The ability to work in a team is one of the qualities employers most value. In any job you go for there will be aspects where you are working with other people and collaborating.

An interviewer wants to hear how you have worked in a team in the past and what you brought to the table in a teamwork situation to make it a success.

You will also likely have times where you will need to be working alone, so on the flip side, also make sure to give examples of where you have been a self-starter, individually motivated and successful whilst working alone.

5. You are motivated

When you describe yourself as “motivated” you are expressing that you have a desire to help the company do well. Additionally, you are positioning yourself as a productive worker.

Both of these things show employers they can count on you to do your job and do it to the best of your ability. Explain how your motivation has helped you in the past and how it relates to specific things in this new role.

Has this helped you? Let us know in the comments!

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