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    Mimouna has worked for travel and education companies since she moved to London 5 years ago. She's passionate about cheese and internet memes.

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How to keep your job applications organised

Stay on top of your job search by tracking your applications in one place.

Totaljobs needs you…

(and your favourite colleague!).

6 top tips for negotiating your next pay rise

Overcome barriers to confidence so you can talk money with your boss.

Report shines a light on financial rewards

Read the highlights of our latest salary survey.

We asked if size matters… It does!

6,829 people told us what they want from their employer.

Luciana Carvalho Se: On a one-woman mission to demystify tech

Read about how virtual reality will change the way we live and work.

Quiz: Does size matter?

Do you prefer a small but perfectly formed start-up? Maybe medium-sized is just right - or do you think "the bigger, the...

4 myths about working for a large company

Gain exclusive insight from some of the UK's best known companies.

Quiz: The Sound of Productivity

Have you ever used music to boost your productivity at work? Find out now if it could help you get more work done, and w...

Anne-Marie Imafidon: The T and M in STEM

A role model for a generation, she tells us about her background and vision for girls and women in STEM careers.

Revive your career with a sabbatical

Find out how from professionals who have taken the plunge.

How far are we from gender equality in STEM?

We speak to women in STEM to discover what can be done to inspire the next generation.

Infographic: What do you want in a job?

­­How employers attract talent in a candidate-led market.

Are you more suited to agency, in-house or freelance life?

Find out which work environment suits you best with our quiz “One job. Three worlds.".

6 misconceptions about working for an agency

Are you more suited to agency, in-house or freelance life? Find out now with our quiz “One job. Three worlds.̶...

Do you spend more than the average UK commuter?

Do you know how much your commute is really costing you? Back in September, we launched our brand new Commuter Calcula...

It’s cheaper to commute from Barcelona than living in London

“As long as you deliver, I don’t care where you work!”: International Marketing Managers discuss extreme London c...

When does the Gender Pay Gap start?

Research shows that the gender pay gap begins before graduates enter the workforce. Find out more.

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