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10 apprenticeships myths busted

Sue Husband, director of the National Apprenticeship Service, busts the top misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships.

Your job search in 2017: When’s the best time to apply?

Using data collected from totaljobs, Google and PageGroup in 2016, Michael Page takes a look at the best months to apply...

Unusual interview advice, does it work?

From 'power poses' to clenching your buttocks to calm nerves, is there any truth to the more bizarre tips?.

Age Concerned?

Our 'office of tomorrow' reveals what the UK's ageing population could expect from their future workplace.

The office of the future: A room described as an office, will suffice no longer

Building and design expert Tommy Walsh shares his vision for how tomorrow's workplace can adapt to an ageing workforce.

The office of the future: You can teach an old dog new tricks

Dr. Kellie Vincent argues that integrating social and cognitive health solutions into an office environment can benefit...

The office of the future: Inclusivity and choice

Architectural consultant Christine Myers explains how the ideal workspace could look like for a multi-generational workf...

How can music boost your performance?

The science behind the benefits of music in the workplace.

Music at work, music for health?

Medical music initiative Sync Project comments on the health benefits of music.

6 top tips for negotiating your next pay rise

Overcome barriers to confidence so you can talk money with your boss.

Report shines a light on financial rewards

Read the highlights of our latest salary survey.

“The next time you look for a job, add £6,500 to your ambitions.”

Lucy Mangan dives into totaljobs' gender pay gap research.

Revive your career with a sabbatical

Find out how from professionals who have taken the plunge.

A year into Shared Parental Leave

What’s stopping parents from taking Shared Parental Leave?.

What’s it like to be a trans employee?

Paris Lees on workplace trans discrimination: There’s a lot of work to do.

How far are we from gender equality in STEM?

We speak to women in STEM to discover what can be done to inspire the next generation.

Infographic: What do you want in a job?

­­How employers attract talent in a candidate-led market.

When does the Gender Pay Gap start?

Research shows that the gender pay gap begins before graduates enter the workforce. Find out more.

What does Corbynomics mean for jobs?

Jeremy Corbyn has become leader of the Labour Party, but what do his policies mean for jobs and can they work? We take a...
Returning to work

Deciding whether to return to work after having a baby

Many new mums face the tough decision of whether to return to work after they’ve had a baby. For some it’s merely lo...