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5 ways you can support a colleague who is blind or partially sighted

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) gives workplace disability advice.

4 stories of people who fell in love at work

They met at work and fell in love. Couples tell us about their love story and share some advice.

6 ways to manage a relationship at work

Work is one of the most common ways couples meet. Find out what you should do, if you fall in love with a colleague.

Girls in STEM: Smashing the stereotypes

Women can succeed in STEM. Here's how.

Megan Key: Pioneering trans activist and role model

The co-creator of TransWorkersUK and TransGirlsCan shares her work experiences and advice for trans employees.

5 tips to ace an interview

Seeing a job interview from two angles. Learn more about Michael's interview tips.

How do Europeans feel about Brexit?

Five EU immigrants tell us about their working life in the UK and how they feel about the country's decision to hold the...

What’s it like to be deaf in the workplace?

We speak to two deaf people about their employment experiences.
Anne Marie Imafidon

Anne-Marie Imafidon: The T and M in STEM

A role model for a generation, she tells us about her background and vision for girls and women in STEM careers.

Junior doctors have their say

Four medics from across the UK tell us their professional story.

Revive your career with a sabbatical

Find out how from professionals who have taken the plunge.

A year into Shared Parental Leave

What’s stopping parents from taking Shared Parental Leave?.

What’s it like to be a trans employee?

Paris Lees on workplace trans discrimination: There’s a lot of work to do.

Insights into teaching

We speak to those who can.

It’s cheaper to commute from Barcelona than living in London

“As long as you deliver, I don’t care where you work!”: International Marketing Managers discuss extreme London c...

6 reasons to work in social media

In the third episode of “What’s it like to work for…”, we spoke to immediate future about what it’s like to wo...

6 reasons to work at a tech start-up

For the first episode of our “What’s it like to work for …” video interview series, totaljobs s...
Liv Street

Will Standing Outside A Train Station Get You A Job?

Just how far would you go to secure your perfect job? Last week, we stumbled upon 25 year old Sports Management graduate...
what to expect from a social worker job

What to expect when you become a social worker

Want to become a social worker? Lucy from the socialworkerblog explains what to expect from the role… When I was under...