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Could you handle #TheElevatorPitch?

Find out how our jobseekers handled interview anxiety, brain freeze and self-doubt when they had 60 seconds to sell themselves to the nation in our elevator.

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We know many of you dread going to a job interview. It’s one of the toughest tests for a jobseeker – making sure you do justice to yourself when meeting an employer. You already know that the employer is interested in your CV. So how do you ‘sell’ your best self?

Many of you tell us that nerves prevent you from ‘showing off your true ability’. Things like feeling tongue-tied when trying to make a great first impression or tripping over sentences instead of delivering a confident statement of who you are and why you would be a brilliant fit being your biggest blockers.

It’s one of the reasons we launched #TheElevatorPitch. We know that nerves and tension can build up to such a high amount that it can seriously affect the way you are presenting yourself at an interview.

It’s a problem that lots of jobseekers experience so we wanted to help you understand and get over some of these psychological blocks.

Jobseeker jitters

We asked 6,000 jobseekers on what their greatest stumbling blocks were during interviews, and enlisted the help of ‘The Apprentice’ star Nick Hewer, and psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos to give you the best advice to overcome these common interview pressures.

Some of the biggest jobseeker jitters, according to this research, include:

  • Talking too much (which 20% of jobseekers told us was a problem)
  • Talking too quickly (26%)
  • Losing your train of thought (30%)
  • Doubting your abilities (34%)
  • Feeling anxious (41%).

#TheElevatorPitch challenge

In this video, as part of #TheElevatorPitch, we got real jobseekers to take on the challenge of the totaljobs elevator. Here they experienced physical manifestations of interview pressures, while completing the pitch many employers might expect from a candidate at the beginning of an interview.

The ‘unexpected distractions’ were there to illustrate that all of us experience pressures such as interview anxiety, self-doubt, overheating, brain freeze and panic. These are common problems, and with our advice, we hope this will help you beat them.

Well done to the jobseekers who took part in the experience, you did fantastic! But it is meant to show a serious point – that the simple and short description used to sell yourself to a potential employer, is a vital part of any interview.

Watch all the videos in #TheElevatorPitch series.

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  1. Craig Sunday, 11 Jun, 2017 at 2:35 am

    Hi Lauren,

    I am seeking a change in career myself and am fascinated by your #TheElevatorPitch advice and information. I am also involved with a charity that helps people find jobs called CAP (Christians Against Poverty). CAP run Job Clubs across the UK to help people back into work, thus helping people out of poverty and into a happier lifestyle.

    I wonder if you would be able to spend spare time (one Tuesday morning) as a Guest Speaker at CAP Job Club in Bracknell, Berkshire. Alternatively, perhaps, you might be able to put a podcast/youtube video together, addressing the CAP Job Club attendees across the country, offering them your latest advice on interview preparation and tools and techniques at interview for success?

    I wish you all the best and hope you may be able to help the thousands of CAP Job Club attendees across the UK in some small way. We would appreciate ANY HELP, however inconsequential you may feel it is.

    Kindest regards,

    Craig Dilliway xx…

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