Jamie’s Journey: CV makeover

“I’m gonna nuke the CV, it’s gone!” – Jamie Mudle It’s fair to say that Jamie’...

5 tips to safeguard your mental health at work

Simple ways to reduce stress and increase happiness.

Jamie’s Journey: Career coaching

Jamie meets career coach Aimee Bateman.

Jamie’s Journey: Claude’s top 5 interview tips

Business executive Claude Littner gives his expert advice on how to ace an interview.

5 ways to stay fit at work

Experts reveal how much physical activity you should get at work.

Jamie’s Journey: Understanding HR jobs

"Be a sponge!" Jamie learns what it takes to develop a career in HR.

Jamie’s Journey: Visiting a law firm

Employment law expert Linda Farrell gives Jamie advice about embarking on a law career.

Jamie’s Journey: Improve your body language

Internationally renowned body language expert India Ford explains her seven steps to interview success.

15 interview tips from The Apprentice finalist Claire Young

Since leaving university 15 years ago I have sat on both sides of the fence in the interview process. As an undergraduat...

15 minutes with Claude Littner

Business executive and star of The Apprentice Claude Littner gives us an indepth insight into what employers are looking...

Getting through the 5 stages of job interviews

Managers and recruiters give their insights on how to ace the different interview stages.
A twenty-something professional woman shakes hands with a similarly aged professional gentleman

Top interview tips and tricks

How asking the right questions can help you nail your interview.

Jamie’s Journey: Meet the contenders

The search for Jamie involved reaching out to more than one million active jobseekers on the totaljobs website. We held...

5 businesses explain how to tailor your CV

Exclusive tips from the UK's most known companies.

Deaf workers in a hearing world

Deaf journalist Charlie Swinbourne gives his reaction to totaljobs' deaf jobseeker & employee experiences survey report...

A guide to Christmas jobs

Find out where you could work and what you could learn over the holidays.

Luciana Carvalho Se: On a one-woman mission to demystify tech

Read about how virtual reality will change the way we live and work.
working abroad

How working abroad can boost your career

Hear from six people who have taken the plunge.

Megan Key: Pioneering trans activist and role model

The co-creator of TransWorkersUK and TransGirlsCan shares her work experiences and advice for trans employees.

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