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Numbers add context to your achievements and prove the impact you've made. Learn how to use them in your CV.

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Applying for an internship is pretty much like applying for a job. Buckle up and craft a CV that lands you the role.

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Does your CV pass the 30 second test?

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5 rookie mistakes to avoid when job searching

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10 tips to make your CV stand out

Get your CV noticed with help from professional career coach Charlotte Billington.

Power up your CV to get more interviews

Give your CV the power to secure more interviews with expert advice from careers trainer and writer Jon Gregory.

New year, new you? How about a new job?

Gemma Styles breaks down the hardest working resolution you can make this year.

How to get a job in 2017

Get motivation for your job hunt from The Apprentice finalist Claire Young.

The 3 biggest CV mistakes

Career coach Aimee Bateman explains how to create a successful CV.

5 unusual CV mistakes that could cost you the job

Andrew Fennell, author of How to write a CV – The Ultimate Guide, gives his top tips.

Jamie’s Journey: CV makeover

“I’m gonna nuke the CV, it’s gone!” – Jamie Mudle It’s fair to say that Jamie’s CV has been holding him back. Described by The Apprentice star Claude Littner as a CV that “is never going to ge...

5 businesses explain how to tailor your CV

Exclusive tips from the UK's most known companies.

CV mistakes to avoid

Expert advice from CV Knowhow.
Sort your CV

Sort your CV

As we enter the second month of 2015, be honest, how many of your New Year’s resolutions have you managed to keep up? If you haven’t managed to keep the typical resolutions like hitting the gym more, spending less frivolously or learnin...
rebuild your CV

Rebuild your CV with a part-time job

Sick of sending out CV’s and getting no replies? Never fear, it’s never too late to give your career a kick-start. Whether you’re a student, a graduate or someone who is hoping to move forward in your career, a part-time job could be...
how to avoid job rejection

Avoiding job rejection

Want to avoid job rejection? Fusion People explain how… So you’ve been applying for jobs for a while now and all that comes back is rejection, you have a moan to your friends and they tell you not to worry because the job market is...

Your step by step career guide: CV and cover letter

So you know what job you’d like to do, so now it’s time to get your CV and cover letter looking so good that employers can’t ignore it. In the second part of our January career guide, we talk you through sorting out your job applicati...