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10 ways to juggle your career and parenthood

Businesswoman Claire Young shares her experience of balancing work and motherhood.

Infographic: What do you want in a job?

­­How employers attract talent in a candidate-led market.
part-time worker

Who are the part-time workforce?

One of the key drivers behind UK total employment figures, despite a recent publicised quarterly downturn, has been the prominence of positions offering reduced hours. Beyond self-employed or zero hours, part-time jobs continue to provide v...
stories from people who work zero hour contracts

Stories from staff on zero hour contracts

3 people give their view from life on the controversial employment contract.
flexible hour jobs

Popular flexible hour jobs

More and more jobseekers are finding that traditional full-time jobs just aren’t providing them with the kind of lifestyle they want. Whether you’re an artist who dreams of pursuing your craft on the side or a parent who needs s...
reasons to get a part-time job at uni

Reasons to have a part-time job at university

University is often a wonderful time for students and so some might think that taking on a part-time job would get in the way of studies and/or just having a really good time. Here are some reasons why working part-time while you’re a...
How to juggle part-time jobs

How to juggle part-time jobs

There’s recently been a rise in the number of people working in part-time jobs, and one of the main reasons is because it can be hard to get a full-time job in the current job market. As a result, a lot of people have to juggle severa...
pros and cons of zero hour contracts

Pros and cons of zero hours contracts

Zero hours contracts have been in the news a lot lately, with most focusing on the downsides of this kind of employment. Some of the biggest employers in the UK have a large workforce who are on zero hours contracts, so what are the upside...