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A year into Shared Parental Leave

What’s stopping parents from taking Shared Parental Leave?.

What’s it like to be a trans employee?

Paris Lees on workplace trans discrimination: There’s a lot of work to do.

Infographic: What do you want in a job?

­­How employers attract talent in a candidate-led market.
London versus paris

London Vs Paris: The job market battle

London and France can often have a love/hate relationship. Over centuries the two economies have been through both catastrophic confict and close kinship together, causing a neighbourly rivalry that has stuck with them for generations. So i...
salary divide

The UK salary divide

People often talk about a North/South divide, but does this mean that the further north you get, the less/more you’ll earn in your chosen profession? What’s the truth about salaries across the UK? We did some digging and found out t...
election 2015

Elections and the jobs market

With election day fast approaching and lots of media coverage, you may already be feeling a bit fed up with the general election. You may have already noticed that when it comes to election issues, jobs and the economy are a regular subject...
Journey of a Valentine's Day card

Journey of a Valentine’s Day card

Valentine’s Day is a day when the UK shows its romantic side with flowers, chocolate and, of course, the Valentine’s card. According to the Greetings Cards Association, the UK spends £40.2 million on cards for our special ones, at...
work etiquette at christmas

Work etiquette at Christmas

Want to make sure you don’t annoy your work colleagues over the festive period? Follow our tips on work etiquette at Christmas and you won’t have to move jobs in the new year! For more Christmas features and advice, head over h...
santa cv

Santa’s CV

If Santa had a CV, what would it look like? Well look what we found… For more Christmas features, click here. .
retail jobs not on the shop floor

Retail jobs not on the shop floor

You’d be forgiven for assuming that all retail jobs are based on a busy shop floor. But there are actually many retail careers which don’t require you to be amongst the customers. Our illustrative infographic reveals some of the...
Reasons to love Xmas jobs

Reasons to love Christmas jobs

It might seem too early to be talking about Christmas, but since most employers will have already started recruiting their seasonal staff, if you’re thinking about taking a temporary job over the festive season, now is the time to sta...
Changes to teaching

How has teaching changed?

Due to technological advancements, investments, budget cuts, new research and many other reasons, many industries have drastically changed in a short space of time. The teaching industry in particular has seen its fair share of changes. Fro...
myths about low level and high level jobs

Myths about senior and junior jobs

Are you a stressed out boss who thinks his employees are strolling down easy street? Or an underpaid junior convinced his employer uses bank notes as bog roll? It’s easy to think the grass is always greener. We debunk the five top myt...
Family and the workplace

How do mums really feel about the workplace?

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to pamper your mum and say thanks for everything she’s done for you. But what happens if mum wants to go back to work after having children? How does she feel, and how does she get tre...