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3 ways to be more confident at job interviews

Simple tricks to boost your confidence and help you get the job.

How to give a winning interview presentation

Get pitch perfect in 4 steps with expert interview advice from The Apprentice finalist Claire Young.

How to master strengths-based interviews

Follow these 7 tips to discover how you can show your best self in an interview.

5 rookie mistakes to avoid when job searching

Give your job search the best chance of success by cutting out the basic errors highlighted by career coach John Lees.

Unusual interview advice, does it work?

From 'power poses' to clenching your buttocks to calm nerves, is there any truth to the more bizarre tips?.

What interviewers see and hear

Get an insider view of the job interview from career coach John Lees, the author of How To Get A Job You Love.

Jamie’s Journey: Claude’s top 5 interview tips

Business executive Claude Littner gives his expert advice on how to ace an interview.

15 interview tips from The Apprentice finalist Claire Young

Since leaving university 15 years ago I have sat on both sides of the fence in the interview process. As an undergraduate I applied for 83 jobs (and was rejected by 76!) and now I run my own business recruiting people to join the School Spe...

15 minutes with Claude Littner

Business executive and star of The Apprentice Claude Littner gives us an indepth insight into what employers are looking for in an interview.
A twenty-something professional woman shakes hands with a similarly aged professional gentleman

Top interview tips and tricks

How asking the right questions can help you nail your interview.

5 tips to ace an interview

Seeing a job interview from two angles. Learn more about Michael's interview tips.
Weird interview questions

5 weird interview questions (and how to answer them)

Some of the most bizarre questions that jobseekers have actually been asked, and how you could respond if they're posed to you.
job interview advice

Your step by step career guide: Interview preparation

Need some help landing your dream job? Throughout this month we’ve been bringing you a step by step career guide, from helping you find the right industry, to writing your CV and sprucing up your social media. This week it’s time to pre...
How to interview for a tech job

How to interview for a tech job

Got a tech job intervew coming up? Head of development at accountancy company Crunch, Laurence Barry shares his top tips on impressing tech employers. In my ten years as a development manager I’ve interviewed countless candidates for tech...
do and donts of interview presentations

Dos and Don’ts of interview presentations

In today’s competitive world of jobseeking, the interview presentation is an opportunity to show potential employers why you, and not the next person, are perfect for the job. But it can also be what nightmares are made of, and standing i...
are assessment centres fair

Are assessment centres fair?

Assessment centres. Love them or hate them, they are an increasingly popular means of putting you through your paces, especially within larger organisations. The tasks that get set in assessment centres can vary quite massively, from role-p...
Worst lies from employers

Top 5 lies from employers

You’re always warned against lying on your CV or in the interview, as you’ll always get caught out in the end. But does this warning work both ways? Are employers ever guilty of lying (or: smudging the details) in order to entic...
Types of bad interviewer

How to win over bad interviewers

Ever had a bad interview with a recruiter or potential employer that you didn’t feel was completely your fault? An interview filled with limited eye contact, awkward pauses and seemingly disapproving noises coming from behind a copy o...
Five celebrities that would stand out in an interview

Five Celebrities That Would Stand Out In An Interview

A job interview is not only a great way to meet potential employers, but also an excellent opportunity to showcase yourself, highlight your talents and prove that you have nerves of steel. We’ve all been there, but have you ever wonde...
Worst ever phone interviews

Worst ever phone interviews

Phone interviews are whole different beast that bring with them their own benefits and challenges for both employers and jobseekers. With the pressure of appearance relieved, focus is pushed onto your answers as a means of conveying persona...