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What interviewers see and hear

Get an insider view of the job interview from career coach John Lees, the author of How To Get A Job You Love.
do and donts of interview presentations

Dos and Don’ts of interview presentations

In today’s competitive world of jobseeking, the interview presentation is an opportunity to show potential employers why you, and not the next person, are perfect for the job. But it can also be what nightmares are made of, and standing i...
bad body language in interviews

Bad body language that’ll cost you the job offer

In a multitude of pieces of advice about what to say in an interview, it’s really important not to forget not only about the way you say it, but also your non-verbal communication. A lot of people’s body language is automatic an...
bad questions to ask employers

Bad things to say to employers

No matter how much you prepare for an interview, you won’t always have an answer to every question. And that’s ok as long as you take a deep breath and ask the interviewer for a few moments so you can think about the answer prop...
st embarrassing interviews

The most embarrassing interviews ever

Interviews can be pretty damn daunting. Meeting total strangers, being asked to think on your feet and the possibility of a life-changing job coming your way, it’s no wonder that several of us have made more than our fair share of int...