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How to keep your job applications organised

Stay on top of your job search by tracking your applications in one place.

Unusual interview advice, does it work?

From 'power poses' to clenching your buttocks to calm nerves, is there any truth to the more bizarre tips?.

What interviewers see and hear

Get an insider view of the job interview from career coach John Lees, the author of How To Get A Job You Love.

4 myths about working for an SME

Gain exclusive insight from some of the UK's most successful companies.

4 myths about working for a start-up

Gain exclusive insight from some of the UK's newest companies.

5 tips to ace an interview

Seeing a job interview from two angles. Learn more about Michael's interview tips.

How to get more interviews and job offers

If you are not being invited to enough interviews, it is likely because you are not tailoring your CV to specific jobs or you are applying for jobs you are not really qualified for. Tailoring your CV to each job you are applying for might...

How to make your CV stand out

If you’re a jobseeker, it’s vitally important in an ever-competitive economy that your CV stands out more than ever before. You have to ensure that it sets your best foot forward. Your CV is essentially a marketing tool that you should...

Lou Sanders does The Apprentice: Episode three

Missed Lou’s earlier episode reviews? Catch up on episode one and two. Bonjour! C’est Le Apprenti! This week the teams have 10 hours to get Lord Sugar his shopping. Alan, (and let’s call him Alan), amongst other things, wants che...

Lou Sanders does The Apprentice: Episode two

Daddy’s back in town! And by that I mean there was another episode of The Apprentice last night. Don’t worry if you missed the first episode, we got you covered. First things first, and its segregation of the sexes back to boys v’...
Liv Street

Will Standing Outside A Train Station Get You A Job?

Just how far would you go to secure your perfect job? Last week, we stumbled upon 25 year old Sports Management graduate Charmeline Matuba outside Liverpool Street Station in London, holding up a sign with her qualifications and her favouri...
The rise of psychometric testing

The rise of psychometric testing

An increasing number of employers are using online tests to check out strengths and weaknesses of potential employees. There are different types but they all take several minutes to complete and measure personality or ability, by processing...

Your job interview outfits sussed

You’ve researched the company, but have you thought about what to wear to your next job interview? Our handy new infographic has all your job interview outfits sussed. You’ve researched the company, you can recite your key achiev...
Weekly Routines of the HR Elite

Meet The HR Elite: A totaljobs Survey

Interested in working in the HR industry? It’s a vibrant and diverse sector, fundamental to making all our working lives both pleasant and practical. Working in HR is a desirable challenge for many professionals, and finding that first op...
Taking charge of your professional development

How to take charge of your professional development

Demonstrating that you have invested in your professional development, whether formally or informally, will pay dividends in planning your future, and is one way of showing potential employers that you’re really committed to being a top p...
5 tips for using Social Media to find a job in the Digital Marketing industry

5 tips for using social media to find a job in the digital marketing industry

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is a phrase frequently thrown around by those lamenting their luck when it comes to missed opportunities. Often this frustration comes when that job you really wanted goes to the MD’...
5 ways Social Media can help you add value at interview

5 ways social media can add value at an interview

You might be concerned about what potential employers could spot about you through social media. Will they find a drunken Facebook photo or misguided tweet? While these concerns are valid, it’s worth considering social media from another...
Negotiating your way to a higher paycheck

Negotiating your way to a higher salary

When Susan Solovic recounts a time she was offered a massive salary increase to make a major career transition, she cringes. “I was in a room with a bunch of big executives and I didn’t get the whole ‘corporate negotiationR...
Unlikely ways to get a media job

Unlikely ways to get a media job

Traditional routes into the media industry involve training and/or qualifying in one area, for example in newspapers or television, and then switching to other career paths such as radio or online. Vocational courses and formal degree studi...
The Apprentice: The final

The Apprentice: The final

Last week, we finally got to hear the candidate’s business plans. Bianca got upset about her lack of personality, Daniel kept convincing himself he was good at sales, Solomon handed in a colouring book by mistake and Roisin found out mid-...