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6 top tips for negotiating your next pay rise

Overcome barriers to confidence so you can talk money with your boss.

Infographic: What do you want in a job?

­­How employers attract talent in a candidate-led market.
how to get a pay rise

How to negotiate a pay rise

In our last blog, we showed you how to figure out your worth. But once you know how much of a pay rise you want, how do you get it? Being able to reach a salary that both you and your employer are happy with is an important part of your car...
how to figure out your worth

How to figure out your worth

Fancy a pay rise? Before you ask for a single penny more than you are currently on (or than the starting salary, if it’s a new job), you need to work out how much you should be asking for. Go in too high and you risk being instantly rejec...
salary divide

The UK salary divide

People often talk about a North/South divide, but does this mean that the further north you get, the less/more you’ll earn in your chosen profession? What’s the truth about salaries across the UK? We did some digging and found out t...
is the minimum wage fair

Is the national minimum wage fair?

The national minimum wage currently stands at £6.50 per hour for workers aged 21 and over, but recently this has come under intense scrutiny by the government and media alike. Many people in Britain are demanding fairer wages, but are they...
Is there a gender pay gap in the workplace?

Is there a gender pay gap in the workplace?

Are men and women still being paid differently for the same jobs?  We asked two people on different sides of the argument to debate the issue. Imagine not being paid a penny for doing your job, from November 7th to the end of the year. Tha...