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Managing people

What is employee engagement?

Find out everything you need to know to develop company culture and successfully manage people at work.

From staff retention tips to how human resources can improve productivity, support employee wellbeing, and embed diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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How employers can champion Black and South Asian women throughout their careers

Creating a fair, unbiased work environment is critical in ensuring everyone is given the opportunity to thrive in a workplace that supports their needs. The latest report from Totaljobs in partnership with The Diversity Trust details insights from Black and South Asian women on how their experiences pose challenges throughout their career pathways and limits their progression. Off the back of these insights, the report provides employers with key actions they can implement to create a fair and prosperous workforce.

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Impact of the rising cost of living on essential workers: a Midwife Support Worker’s experience

The latest research from Totaljobs found that essential workers are being impacted greatly due to the rising cost of living. Essential workers are taking out loans to fund basic living costs and resorting to moving jobs and sectors at a higher rate than non-essential workers. A recent case study takes an in-depth look at the experience of a Midwife Support Worker, and how the rising cost of living has impacted her life.

How employers can maximise recruitment and retention as the cost of living rises

Businesses are looking to the government for support because of the rising cost of living and workers are looking for salary increases in line with rising inflation rates. The latest report from Totaljobs has delivered insight on how the rising cost of living is affecting workers, jobseekers, and ultimately businesses. This is changing what candidates and jobseekers are prioritising in their careers.

Boosting opportunity in the workplace: an employer’s guide to social mobility

A person’s socioeconomic background impacts their access to opportunity throughout their lifetime. This can be mapped across their education, job hunting experience, chances of gaining work experience, access to employment and, ultimately, their success in the workplace. The latest report from Totaljobs and the Social Mobility Foundation investigates this in detail, and provides employers with a checklist of key actions they can take in order to boost social mobility in the UK.

Totaljobs Peak Earnings Predictor: New tool benchmarks UK salaries across a range of factors

The Peak Earnings Predictor uses Totaljobs’ salary data to pinpoint the age that people will hit their highest earnings, depending on a range of factors including education, gender, location and industry. Alongside this tool, recruiters and managers now have access to our Salary Report 2021 and ten sector specific guides, allowing you to benchmark salaries against industry averages, calculate competitive offers to attract top talent and inform your rewards strategy.